Open Positions

We are working on several exciting projects in the general area of systems biology and time series expression analysis. Most of our work is in collaboration with leading biological labs. Many of the computational tools we develop are publicly available and some are currently used by hundreds of researchers around the world. We are looking for new individuals to join our group. Specifically:


Ziv Bar-Joseph
Principal Investigator
zivbj "at"
Tel: 412-268 8595

Nichole Merritt
Administrative Coordinator
ncmerritt "at"
Tel: 412-268-4671
Fax: 412-268-2977

Petar Stojanov
PhD Student, CSD
pstojano "at"

Ercument Cicek (Lane Fellow)
cicek "at"

Aaron Wise
Graduate Student (CBD)
quejebo "at"

Sabrina Rashid
PhD student, CBD
sabrinar "at"

Siddhartha Jain
Graduate Student (CSD)
sjX at where X=1

Yan Xia
MSc student, MLD
yanxia18 "at"

Past Group Members

Saket Navlakha
Assistant Professor
Salk Institute

Anthony Gitter
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Xin He
Assistant Professor
University of Chicago

Marcel Schulz
Assistant Prof.
Saarland University

Hai-Son Le
Sunrise Futures LLC

Shan Zhong
UPMC clinical genomics

Guy Zinman
Director of Life Sciences at SparkBeyond

Yanjun Qi
Assistant Prof.
UVA Computer Science

Henry (Tienho) Lin
Microsoft Research

Yong Lu
Staff Scientist

Jason Ernst
Assistant Professor

Yanxin Shi