SDREM: Signaling and Dynamic Regulatory Events Miner

Download SDREM

SDREM Java source code (version 1.2) can be downloaded here. The latest source code is also available on GitHub. Please review and agree to the terms of the original DREM and network orientation algorithm licenses before downloading the SDREM software. SDREM must be run from the command line.

SDREM version 1.2 extended SDREM to better handle human datasets and to predict RNAi knockdown effects, as described in our ISMB/ECCB 2013 paper. The 2015 SDREM book chapter provides a step-by-step protocol for using the software. If you use SDREM in a publication, please cite one of the three SDREM publications listed on the main page.

Please contact Anthony Gitter with any questions or comments about the code or to report a bug.

Past versions of SDREM (versions.txt):
SDREM v1.1
SDREM v1.0

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