GO table for Path A

GO term Description Corrected P-value
GO:0042110 T cell activation <0.001
GO:0046649 lymphocyte activation <0.001
GO:0030098 lymphocyte differentiation 0.002
GO:0050851 antigen receptor-mediated signaling pathway 0.004
GO:0002429 immune response-activating cell surface receptor signaling pathway 0.008
GO:0045321 leukocyte activation 0.016
GO:0050852 T cell receptor signaling pathway 0.016
GO:0002521 leukocyte differentiation 0.018
GO:0032633 interleukin-4 production 0.020
GO:0030217 T cell differentiation 0.020
GO:0050865 regulation of cell activation 0.022
GO:0002768 immune response-regulating cell surface receptor signaling pathway 0.022
GO:0002694 regulation of leukocyte activation 0.030
GO:0051249 regulation of lymphocyte activation 0.034