GO table for Path A

GO term Description Corrected P-value
GO:0006952 defense response <0.001
GO:0009607 response to biotic stimulus <0.001
GO:0043207 response to external biotic stimulus <0.001
GO:0051707 response to other organism <0.001
GO:0006955 immune response <0.001
GO:0009605 response to external stimulus <0.001
GO:0006950 response to stress <0.001
GO:0098542 defense response to other organism <0.001
GO:0010033 response to organic substance <0.001
GO:0051607 defense response to virus <0.001
GO:0070887 cellular response to chemical stimulus <0.001
GO:0042221 response to chemical <0.001
GO:0002252 immune effector process <0.001
GO:0048660 regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation <0.001
GO:0048659 smooth muscle cell proliferation <0.001
GO:0045087 innate immune response <0.001
GO:0009617 response to bacterium <0.001
GO:0009615 response to virus <0.001
GO:0065009 regulation of molecular function 0.002
GO:0033002 muscle cell proliferation 0.002
GO:0033993 response to lipid 0.002
GO:0051239 regulation of multicellular organismal process 0.004
GO:0002237 response to molecule of bacterial origin 0.004
GO:0001817 regulation of cytokine production 0.004
GO:0071310 cellular response to organic substance 0.004
GO:0005125 cytokine activity 0.006
GO:0006954 inflammatory response 0.006
GO:0048519 negative regulation of biological process 0.006
GO:0034097 response to cytokine 0.006
GO:0044092 negative regulation of molecular function 0.006
GO:0044700 single organism signaling 0.006
GO:0051090 regulation of sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity 0.006
GO:0052548 regulation of endopeptidase activity 0.008
GO:0001568 blood vessel development 0.008
GO:0007165 signal transduction 0.008
GO:0052547 regulation of peptidase activity 0.008
GO:0001816 cytokine production 0.008
GO:0051241 negative regulation of multicellular organismal process 0.010
GO:0007154 cell communication 0.014
GO:0043433 negative regulation of sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity 0.014
GO:0008283 cell proliferation 0.014
GO:0001944 vasculature development 0.014
GO:0042981 regulation of apoptotic process 0.022
GO:0048523 negative regulation of cellular process 0.022
GO:0032496 response to lipopolysaccharide 0.022
GO:0043067 regulation of programmed cell death 0.022
GO:0016477 cell migration 0.022
GO:0000302 response to reactive oxygen species 0.028
GO:0031347 regulation of defense response 0.028
GO:0010941 regulation of cell death 0.030
GO:0050789 regulation of biological process 0.030
GO:0048872 homeostasis of number of cells 0.030
GO:0002682 regulation of immune system process 0.034
GO:0051716 cellular response to stimulus 0.036
GO:0048870 cell motility 0.036
GO:0051674 localization of cell 0.036
GO:0072358 cardiovascular system development 0.036
GO:0072359 circulatory system development 0.036
GO:0008083 growth factor activity 0.040
GO:0050790 regulation of catalytic activity 0.040
GO:0048584 positive regulation of response to stimulus 0.040
GO:0044057 regulation of system process 0.044
GO:0006915 apoptotic process 0.048
GO:0012501 programmed cell death 0.048
GO:0007166 cell surface receptor signaling pathway 0.048
GO:0002697 regulation of immune effector process 0.048